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  2020            Belkin Art Gallery - Vancouver: Two analogue slideshows - Portraits of David Wojnarowicz + ‘Something Possible Everywhere: Pier 34, NYC 1983-84’

  2019-20        Grey Art Gallery - NYU and Columbus Museum of Art, OhioArt After Stonewall, 1969-1989

  2019            Mudam - Luxembourg: Pier 34, looped digital slideshow, part of  David Wojnarowicz: History Keeps Me Awake at Night’

  2019            Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid:  Pier 34, looped digital slideshow, part of  David Wojnarowicz: History Keeps Me Awake at Night

  2019            KW-Berlin: Two analogue carousel slideshows - Portraits of David Wojnarowicz + ‘Something Possible Everywhere: Pier 34, NYC 1983-84

  2018-19      SeMA - Seoul Museum of Art:  Looped digital slideshow installation (140 slides) in East Village NY: Vulnerable and Extreme

  2018            Whitney Museum of American Art, New York:  Pier 34, looped digital slideshow in  David Wojnarowicz: History Keeps Me Awake at Night

  2016            Something Possible Everywhere: Pier 34, NYC 1983-84 205 Hudson Gallery, New York, USA

  2013            24 artists  The Millinery Works Gallery, London, UK

  2012            “THE PIERS - Art and Sex along the New York Waterfront Leslie+Lohman Museum, New York, USA

  2010            “Decadence Now!” Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague, Czech Republic 

  2006            “Pier 34  NewYork 1983-84”  Network Gallery, Gisela Loeffler, Stuttgart, Germany

  2005            “New York Years”  Caspari Centrum, Prague, Czech Republic

  2004            “30 Rottweiler & one Dog”  Deutsches Haus at NYU, New York

  2003            "Augenhöhe" (Eye level) - 30 lifesize cut-out portraits of Rottweil residents.  Galerie Etage Zwei, Rottweil, Germany   

  1998            "Collision New York"  Galerie Hansjörg Mehl, Alte Paketpost,  Rottweil, Germany

  1996            "The Russian Cowboy & Other Stories of 14th Street"  Kunsthaus Fischinger, Fotogalerie,  Stuttgart, Germany

  1996            "Fishheads" (portraits)  at Max Fish, East Village, New York

  1995            "Planet Germany"  Galerie shift-räume,  Berlin, Germany

  1995             Video and slide presentation of Germany photos at a Gala celebrating the 5th anniversary of German reunification, held by the German Consulate General

                       at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

  1994            "Selbstmord in Madrid" ("Suicide in Madrid") - Schauspielhaus Zürich, Switzerland

  1993            "Liquid Sky - Petrified Land" (landscapes of southwestern USA) - Kunsthaus Fischinger, Fotogalerie,  Stuttgart, Germany

  1989            "Swiss Artists in New York" (commissioned portraits of 12 Swiss artists living in New York - UBS Bank HQ, Zürich, Suisse

  1987            "New York" - Galerie in der Kreissparkasse, Rottweil, Germany

  1984 - 87      Exhibitions in clubs and galleries in the East Village, New York   



  1997        A portrait of my 14th Street project was broadcast in Germany on 3sat, Kulturzeit.


  Selected publications / reviews (*)

  Architektur & Wohnen (architecture magazine, Germany)

  Art (Germany)                                                                                                 

  Art Forum;  Art in America (*) (USA)

  Berliner Zeitung (Germany)                                                                          

  Bomb magazine (USA)

  Brigitte (women’s magazine, Germany)   

  Centurion magazine (American Express)                                                

  Der Feinschmecker (gourmet magazine, Germany)                             

  Der Spiegel / Spiegel Special (Germany)                                                                                   

  Du (cultural magazine, Switzerland)                                                           

  Euro;  Elle (Germany)                                                                                           

  Facts (news magazine, Switzerland)

  Frieze (*)  Wojnarowicz review, 2018

  Geo Special (travel magazine, Germany

  Hyperallergic (*) Pier 34 (205 Hudson Gallery, 2016)

  FocusGala;  Lufthansa Magazin, Germany

  Marie Claire (Australia, France, Germany, Russia)

  Merian (travel magazine, Germany)

  National Geographic Books (USA)

  NY Art Beat (*)

  The New Yorker (*)

  The New York Times (*)   NYT Magazine (USA)

  Stern (Germany)

  Switch (lifestyle/interview magazine, Japan)

  Zeit Magazin (Germany)


All photos/images on this website are copyright © 2019 Andreas Sterzing.  All rights reserved.

Andreas Sterzing is a German editorial and portrait photographer.  For 20 years he lived in New York, working on international magazine assignments.

In 1983 he launched his career with photos of Pier 34 and the artists taking part in the project, and with stories about the East Village art scene.  Since then his work has been published in many prestigious publications including Stern, Der Spiegel, Geo, Zeit Magazin, Marie-Claire and the New York Times Magazine. 

After moving to England in 2005, Andreas started teaching at Falmouth University in Cornwall, where he is now a Senior Lecturer, leading the Professional Practice module for BA Photography.

Since 2016 Andreas’ work on the Pier 34 project, the East Village art scene and the Alphabet City neighbourhood has featured in exhibitions in museums and galleries internationally, mainly as analogue or digital slideshows.  Andreas now divides his time between London and Cornwall.


  WalkDontWalk - New York 1983-1996

  Journal 2000

  David Wojnarowicz - Semiotext(e) 2006

  Something Possible Everywhere: Pier 34 NYC 1983-84

  Exhibition catalogue, 2016 (incomplete layout)

  Corporate work                                                                          

  Allsteel USA  -  Image campaign

  A&P Supermarkets, USA & Canada  -  Annual reports

  CW-X, sportswear company, Japan  -  Advertising

  Tyrol Tourist Board, Austria  -  Advertising campaign

  UBS Bank, Switzerland  -   Portraits of Swiss artists in New York