Something Possible Everywhere: Pier 34, NYC 1983-84

This is the first exhibition to revisit the extraordinary place and time when David Wojnarowicz and his friends and peers seized a city-owned pier and filled it with art.  This show brings together the work of over 30 artists who were part of the community working on Pier 34 [...]

Andreas Sterzing’s remarkable photographs, along with related images by Peter Hujar, Marisela La Grave and Dirk Rowntree, document how these artists turned the decrepit and dangerous Ward Line shipping terminal, at the foot of Canal Street, into makeshift art galleries and studios.  Its rooms were filled with art that was often shocking, testing the boundaries of acceptable behavior and presenting life on the edge.   Each creative mind, furthermore, shared ideas and inspiration with another, short-circuiting the hypercompetitive nature of the art market. [...] 

Sadly the building was demolished in 1984, and almost all of the art made there disappeared with it.  The presence of contemporaneous work in this exhibition, however, makes tangible the physicality of the waterfront art and its larger aesthetic context.  (Excerp from introductory text at the exhibition) 

Exhibition at 205 Hudson Gallery in New York, 30 Sep. - 20 Nov. 2016

Curated by Jonathan Weinberg;  Featuring photographs by Andreas Sterzing;  Organised by the Hunter College Art Galleries


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